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Stipt Anti-Insect - Lady Line
Stipt Anti-Insect - Lady Line
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  • Let the car cool down before using the Stipt Anti-Insect.
  • Carefully spray the car with the Stipt Anti-Insect.
  • Wait fifteen seconds to a maximum of five minutes for the flies to dissolve due to our protein breakers.
  • Spray the car with water.
  • After use, wash your car with our car shampoo; Stipt Perfect Shampoo or Stipt Wax Shampoo.
  • Does not affect paintwork.
  • Do not use in the sun.

Product details

Stipt Anti-Insect removes flies and insects effortlessly. Fortunately, it is very easy to use.

Contents 500 ml.

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  • SKU
    STIPT5 - Lady Line
  • Weight
    0.5 kg
  • Height
    6.5 cm
  • Width
    6.5 cm
  • Depth
    20 cm
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