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28.95 incl. btw

Interior Cleaner is a powerful cleaner for cars interiors that give a matting result including a special Stipt Leather Brush.

EAN: 9509115159326 29.95 incl. btw

Leather Protect is a durable leather protector that gives a mattifying result.

69.75 49.95 incl. btw

This offer includes: - Stipt Grit Bucket - Stipt Wash Glove - Stipt Wash Sponge - Stipt Wash Pad - Stipt Dry Towel


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193.50 149.95 incl. btw

Glass Cleaner - Interior Matting - Engine / Rim / Wheel housing cleaner - Anti Insect - Leather Protect - Quick Detailer - Perfect Shampoo - Plastic Restore - Tar and Glue Remover - Wax Shampoo

53.85 49.95 incl. btw

Glass Cleaner - Interior Matting - Engine / Rim / Wheel housing cleaner

EAN: 9110023516073 49.95 39.95 incl. btw

Stipt Soft Touch Remover is suitable for removing sticky soft paint in car interiors.

EAN: 9110023516097 39.95 incl. btw

Stipt 2K Coating can be applied as a protective layer in wheel arches and on the bottom of your car.

EAN: 8946005308968 18.95 incl. btw

Stipt Real Effective Cleaner is a powerful Alkaline cleaner intended for engine rooms, wheel arches, rims and the bottom of your car.

EAN: 8946005308951 14.95 incl. btw

Stipt Clear Class is a concentrated glass cleaner without ammonia. It cleans, abrades and gives an deep shine.

EAN: 8946005308982 14.95 incl. btw

Stipt Anti Insect effortlessly removes insects. Does not affect the paintwork. 500 ml 510 gram

EAN: 8946005309040 16.95 incl. btw

Stipt Wax Shampoo is a neutral, low-foaming wash & wax shampoo for manual cleaning.

EAN: 8946005309019 14.95 incl. btw

Stipt Perfect Shampoo is a highly concentrated neutral soft shampoo suitable for washing the car manually.

EAN: 9110023516066 19.95 incl. btw

Stipt Iron Remover is a concentrated cleaner free from acids and alkalis. Suitable for removing iron particles and the product is a very powerful wheel cleaner.

EAN: 9509354192184 9.95 7.95 incl. btw

Stipt Disinfection has been specially developed for the safe disinfection of all materials in and around your car, boat, caravan, truck, moped. Does not turn white.

EAN: 9110023515915 14.95 11.95 incl. btw

Removes dog hair very quickly and easily. Specificatie 26,5 cm

EAN: 9505243557843 99.95 59.95 incl. btw

Stipt Foam Cannon is the ideal solution to completely foam your car so that the dirt easily comes off.

EAN: 9110023516080 29.95 24.95 incl. btw

Stipt Plastic Paint is a black coating that can be applied to plastic parts to restore the color.

EAN: 8946005309002 16.95 incl. btw

Stipt Quick Detailer is the best product to get shine on your car quickly.