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Products for the interior

Products for the exterior

Products for floor and engine compartment

Products of Stipt

28.95 incl. btw

Interior Cleaner is a powerful cleaner for cars interiors that give a matting result including a special Stipt Leather Brush.

EAN: 9509115159326 29.95 incl. btw

Leather Protect is a durable leather protector that gives a mattifying result.

Bottom and Engine Compartment EN

Stipt Grit Bucket Set Black

EAN: 9506773338957 59.95 incl. btw

Stipt Grit Bucket Black – Stipt Wash Glove – Stipt Wash Sponge – Stipt Wash Pad – Stipt Dry Towel

Exterior EN

Stipt Multi Cloth

EAN: 9509574699579 14.95 incl. btw

The Stipt Multi Cloth is a multi-purpose cloth.


Exterior EN

Stipt Total Package

193.50 149.95 incl. btw

Glass Cleaner - Interior Matting - Engine / Rim / Wheel housing cleaner - Anti Insect - Leather Protect - Quick Detailer - Perfect Shampoo - Plastic Restore - Tar and Glue Remover - Wax Shampoo

EAN: 9110023516073 39.95 incl. btw

Stipt Soft Touch Remover is suitable for removing sticky soft paint in car interiors.

53.85 49.95 incl. btw

Glass Cleaner - Interior Matting - Engine / Rim / Wheel housing cleaner

Bottom and Engine Compartment EN

Stipt 2K Coating 400ml

EAN: 9110023516097 39.95 incl. btw

Stipt 2K Coating can be applied as a protective layer in wheel arches and on the bottom of your car.

EAN: 8946005309002 16.95 incl. btw

Stipt Quick Detailer is the best product to get shine on your car quickly.

Bottom and Engine Compartment EN

Engine / Rim / Wheel housing cleaner 500ml

EAN: 8946005308968 18.95 incl. btw

Stipt Real Effective Cleaner is a powerful Alkaline cleaner intended for engine rooms, wheel arches, rims and the bottom of your car.

EAN: 8946005308982 14.95 incl. btw

Stipt Anti Insect effortlessly removes insects. Does not affect the paintwork. 500 ml 510 gram

EAN: 8946005309040 16.95 incl. btw

Stipt Wax Shampoo is a neutral, low-foaming wash & wax shampoo for manual cleaning.

EAN: 8946005309019 14.95 incl. btw

Stipt Perfect Shampoo is a highly concentrated neutral soft shampoo suitable for washing the car manually.

Bottom and Engine Compartment EN

Stipt Iron Remover 500ml

EAN: 9110023516066 19.95 incl. btw

Stipt Iron Remover is a concentrated cleaner free from acids and alkalis. Suitable for removing iron particles and the product is a very powerful wheel cleaner.

EAN: 8946005308951 14.95 incl. btw

Stipt Clear Class is a concentrated glass cleaner without ammonia. It cleans, abrades and gives an deep shine.

EAN: 9110023515915 14.95 incl. btw

Removes dog hair very quickly and easily. Specificatie 26,5 cm

Bottom and Engine Compartment EN

Stipt Foam Cannon Combi

EAN: 9505243557843 59.95 incl. btw

Stipt Foam Cannon is the ideal solution to completely foam your car so that the dirt easily comes off.

EAN: 9110023516080 24.95 incl. btw

Stipt Plastic Paint is a black coating that can be applied to plastic parts to restore the color.