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Stipt Plastic Restore

Plastic Restore 500ml

24.95 incl. btw

Stipt Plastic Restore is a concentrated maintenance and care product for all plastic parts of a car. Restores the color and is weather resistant. Gives a new look and exceptional satin to matte bumpers and tires. Can also be used to treat vinyl in the interior of the car and to treat cleaned cold engines. Contains solvents and is insoluble in water. Provide optimum protection and quickly give plastic car parts back their original color. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE NETHERLANDS FROM 50 EURO

Stipt Perfect Shampoo

Perfect Shampoo 500ml

14.95 incl. btw

Stipt Perfect Shampoo is a highly concentrated neutral soft shampoo suitable for washing the car manually. Its special composition reduces the deposits of lime and iron which results and a better cleaning and result. This shampoo reduces the scale. FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE NETHERLANDS FROM 50 EURO