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Stipt Soft Top Cleaner
Stipt Soft Top Cleaner
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Product details

The Stipt Soft Top Cleaner is suitable for cleaning convertible roofs and thereby ridding them of algae and other forms of soiling.

Content 600ml.


  • Make sure the car is not parked in the sun.
  • Spray the convertible top evenly and brush off the dirt with the Stipt Cleaning Brush, avoiding contact with windows, rubbers, paintwork and plastic parts.
  • Then spray the hood clean with water.
  • Possibly repeat three times if the roof is very dirty.
  • Then let the hood dry.
  • When the roof is completely dry and clean, you can impregnate the roof with Stipt Soft Top Protect.
  • Spray the Stipt Soft Top Protect at a distance of 20 cm on the roof, avoiding contact with windows, paintwork, plastic parts, etc.
  • Let it harden for 24 hours after application.

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