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Stipt All Inclusive Pakket

The Stipt All Inclusive Package is the most complete Stipt package ever! Literally all products are bundled in this package for a very nice price.

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  • Stipt All Inclusive Pakket
  • Stipt All Inclusive Pakket
  • Stipt All Inclusive Pakket

Product details

Het Stipt All Inclusive Pakket consists of:

  • Stipt Grit Bucket 20L
  • Stipt Grit Bucket 12L
  • Stipt Tar and Glue Remover
  • Stipt Perfect Shampoo
  • Stipt Anti Insect
  • Stipt Ceramic Wax
  • Stipt Clear Glass
  • Stipt Interior Matt Cleaner
  • Stipt Real Effective Cleaner
  • Stipt Leather Protect
  • Stipt Plastic Restore
  • Stipt Wax Shampoo
  • Stipt Iron Remover
  • Stipt Dirt Foam
  • Stipt Mini Dual Action Totaal
  • Stipt Nano Polisher
  • Stipt Rotary Polisher
  • Stipt Dual Action Machine
  • Stipt Foam Cannon
  • Stipt Soft Top Protect
  • Stipt Soft Top Cleaner
  • Stipt Plastic Paint
  • Stipt Lakdiktemeter
  • Stipt Fabrieksnieuw Aroma
  • Stipt Soft Touch Remover
  • Stipt 2K Coating
  • Stipt 3D Clay Towel
  • Stipt Dry Towel XXL
  • Stipt Dry Towel
  • Stipt Wash Sponge
  • Stipt Wash Glove
  • Stipt Wash Pad
  • Stipt Detail Brushes
  • Stipt Cleaning Brush
  • Stipt Multi Detail Brush
  • Stipt Wheel Brush
  • Stipt Multi Cloth
  • Stipt 80mm Pad
  • Stipt Polish Pad Extreme
  • Stipt Polish Pad Soft
  • Stipt Wool Mitt
  • Stipt Dog Hair Brush
  • Stipt Anti Insect Wool Mitt
  • Mini Dual Action Pad Soft (75mm)
  • Mini Dual Action Pad Medium (75mm)
  • Mini Dual Action Pad Hard (75mm)
  • Dual Action Pad Soft
  • Dual Action Pad Medium
  • Dual Action Pad Hard
  • Stipt Polish Paste Hard – Pro line
  • Stipt Polish Paste Soft – Pro line
  • Stipt Polish Paste Medium – Pro line
  • Stipt Ultra Paint Protect – Pro line
  • Stipt Car Cover
  • Stipt High Gloss Spray
  • Stipt Hot Air Gun


  • SKU
  • Weight
    25 kg
  • Height
    39 cm
  • Width
    59 cm
  • Depth
    39 cm
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