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Stipt Car Blower
Stipt Car Blower
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Stipt Car Blower

The Stipt Car Blower is the tool to perfectly clean your car inside and out! Blow all the hard-to-reach edges, corners and ridges of your interior effortlessly and dry your car quickly and effectively after washing! Even the hard-to-reach spots!

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In stock
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  • Stipt Car Blower
  • Stipt Car Blower
  • Stipt Car Blower

Product details

The compact and maneuverable Stipt Car Blower, with its 5.5 hp powerful motor, is ideal for safely removing those frustrating water droplets that stick to your car’s body after washing! In addition, the Stipt Car Blower is the ultimate tool for easily cleaning the interior with its many edges, corners and ledges. For the true perfectionist who always wants his/her car in top condition!


Powerful 5.5 HP Motor: The core of the Stipt Car Blower generates a very powerful airflow that dries your vehicle quickly and efficiently!

Extended Range: With a generous 5M power cord and matching 5M high-quality flexible hose, easily move around your vehicle without any hassle!

Compact and lightweight: Despite its powerful performance, the Stipt Car Blower is compact, lightweight and easily portable. You can easily store it in your garage or take it on the road without much trouble!

Stable Construction: The clever design keeps the Stipt Car Blower stable at all times during use.

Fast Drying: Drying your car has never been so relaxing!

Adjustable control panel: The rotary knob makes it easy to regulate the air flow. The faster and longer the motor runs, the warmer the air becomes. Turn off the additional heating of the heat unit by flipping the switch. This way you have control over the drying process making the Stipt Car Blower usable on all kinds of surfaces such as chrome, paint and glass.

Maneuverable: Because of the wheels, the Stipt Car Blower is very maneuverable and follows you around your car!


  • Single Motor, 230V-50Hz/60Hz
  • Power: 2800W
  • Heat Unit
  • 5M Flexible hose
  • 5M cable
  • Including round and wide nozzle
  • Temperature: 0°C-52°C
  • Air speed: 10-95 m/s
  • Blow force: 920g


  • SKU
  • Weight
    7.1 kg
  • Height
    39 cm
  • Width
    44 cm
  • Depth
    34 cm
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